Faithless Electors 2016
State Elector Candidate Pledged Candidate Voted For
Colorado Michael Baca * Clinton / Kaine John Kasich
Hawaii David Mulinix Clinton / Kaine Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren
Maine David Bright * Clinton / Kaine Bernie Sanders
Minnesota Muhammad Abdurrahman * Clinton / Kaine Bernie Sanders / Tulsi Gabbard
Texas Bill Greene Trump / Pence Ron Paul / Mike Pence
Christopher Suprun Trump / Pence John Kasich / Carly Fiorina
Washington Peter Bret Chiafalo Clinton / Kaine Colin Powell / Elizabeth Warren
Levi Guerra Clinton / Kaine Colin Powell / Maria Cantwell
Esther John Clinton / Kaine Colin Powell / Susan Collins
Robert Satiacum Jr. Clinton / Kaine Faith Spotted Eagle / Winona LaDuke
* Faithless vote invalidated, replaced with vote for pledged candidate
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